1.  Apartments may only be occupied from 14h00 onwards on first day of reservation and vacated no later than 09h00 on day of departure. However, should you fail to take up   occupancy within 24 hours of the arrival time of 14h00 on the first day of your reservation it will be canceled within 24 hours without any further notice.

2.  The maximum number of occupants per apartment may not be exceeded.

3.  Inventories must be checked and signed on arrival and shortages must please be reported to the office. Should inventory lists not be returned to our office within 24 hours of arrival we will presume that all is in order. All breakages  and shortages must be reported and paid for on departure.

4.  Deposits  – Non-Refundable.

5.  If apartments are vacated before contracted departure date, rentals will not be refunded unless the apartment has been re-let for the period concerned and then only with the approval of Management.

6. No pets allowed.